Iowa Popcorn Company FAQ

1. Q: How long has Iowa Popcorn Company in Business?

    A: 29 year and still counting, we are still at 714 10th street Marion, IA

2. Q: Where does Iowa Popcorn Company get our popcorn?

    A: Our popcorn is specially grown in Breda, IA 

3.   Q: Are your other ingredients made/grown in Iowa?

       A: WHY Yes all our ingredients come from Iowa. The only exception is with our packing materials.

4.    Q: What makes Iowa Popcorn Company popcorn so good?

       A: Well first purchase the best ingredients. They selected from a small list of exceptional suppliers. Secondly, we produce products in small batches for quality control. Third, we use only our exclusive proprietary recipe each one formulated and blended for the exceptional Iowa Popcorn Company look and taste

5.    Q: Where do Iowa Popcorn Company recipes come from:

       A: Well that is a great question and we developed them ourselves, here in-house at the Iowa Popcorn Company. In fact, we are usually experimenting with new formula ideas on an on-going basis 

6.    Q: Where do you make your popcorn?

       A: We do all our popcorn production right here in the Marion shop, right in the back of our retail store.

7.    Q: Is it true the Iowa Popcorn Company was sold?

       A: In short NO, Iowa Popcorn Company still operates in our Marion location, however, we have sold the wholesale portion of our popcorn business. But YES we are still at 714 10th street retail shop. We are still in the ownership of our trademark, copyright, exclusive proprietary formulas, and direct mail business. So you, family and friends can still get any of our special product right here at our retail shop.

8.      Q: Do you still take orders?

         A: Absolutely, Party‚Äôs, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, you name it we have you covered. We don't mind helping you select the products needed for any event. 

9.      Q: Why Should I buy Iowa Popcorn Products?

         A: Well simply because they taste better than any other popcorn products we know of in the entire state. Iowa Popcorn Company offers a quality of products that is almost unmatched. Because of the special strains our popcorn ultimately is physical more appealing.