Founded in 1990, Iowa Popcorn Company is 29 years old and still going strong, providing customers with the best popcorn that can be found in Iowa.

Our company name is a Copyrighted trademark and registered Iowa business. Started at 720 10th Street Marion, Iowa. We are now located in the building next door 714 10th Street. Interestingly, our current address is the exact location where Marion’s very first business was established in 1837 by Addison Daniels.

We utilize four different strains of popcorn, all grown specifically for us in western Iowa. All other ingredients used by us are also provided exclusively by Iowa companies. To assure freshness and quality, everyone of our popcorn products are produced by hand in small batches right here in our Marion location, directly behind the retail store. Affectionately referred to by our customers as “the good stuff”, our products have earned an unmatched reputation for exceptional taste and quality. This is a result of our exclusive proprietary recipes coupled with our particular method of hand, batch-by-batch production process.

We ship all our products all over the continental United States via USPS to guarantee prompt delivery. We also offer bulk sales and special packs for holidays, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions and celebrations.